DSC_2456Introduction classes – 3 initial 1-1 classes for new clients only

If you are new to our Pilates studio, it is essential to start with this introduction course, regardless of your fitness level or Pilates experience. Private classes give us the opportunity to find out your current medical history, your goals and expectations. We will make sure that you get familiar with all the equipment and the basics of the Pilates method.

  • Three intro classes            14,900 HUF

 Private classes

After completing your assessment sessions, you can continue your progress at your own pace in individual sessions, if you prefer one-to-one tuition. In some cases, you are also recommended private sessions for rehabilitation purposes for a limited period of time.

  • 5 private sessions              39,900 HUF
  • 10 private sessions            69,900 HUF

Semi-private classes – 2 or 3 clients per teacher

You should attend the introductory classes first and then you will join one of these semi-private classes. In semi-private classes you will progress at your own level. Your program will be structured, which ensures it is comprehensive and complete. It will be recorded on your chart, so it will be constantly reviewed and improved as you progress.

  • 5 semi-private sessions      24900 HUF
  • 10 semi-private sessions    44900 HUF

Mat classes

Weekly classes on the mat using small props for various purposes.

  • 4 sessions          8900 HUF
  • 8 sessions          14900 HUF