Anita Forjan

DSC_2410Anita has been doing Pilates since 2003. A ballet injury introduced her to Miriam Friedrich and the BASI Pilates Method. She went on and trained with Elena Graziadei (COVA) and completed a classical Pilates teacher training course in 2007. She began teaching in Elena’s studio later that year. After she moved to England, she complemented her classical Pilates qualification with a BASI comprehensive teacher training course held by Amit Younger, in London. She is keen on developing herself as a Pilates teacher, and regularly participates in conferences and teacher training workshops all over the world.

As the happy mother of a 4-year old young man, Anita has hands on experience doing Pilates during pregnancy and after birth, which gives her an advantage teaching it to other women.

Anita also holds two Master’s degrees in English and in Russian Literature. She has over 15 years of teaching experience that serves as an asset in her Pilates classes. During her university studies, she began doing ballet as part of her regular fitness regime. In addition to ballet and Pilates, Anita‚Äôs background also includes Alexander technique and Gyrokinesis.