Pilates equipment classes in Budapest

Pilates equipment classes in BudapestJust wanted to let you all know that our “Pilates in Budapest” studio is fully equipped with a Cadillac, two reformers, a wall tower, a couple of wunda chairs and tons and tons of magic circles, balls, weights, spiky balls and all the goodies Pilates enthusiasts can dream of. Because everyone has a personalised exercise regime, you get to use each piece as it best suits your personal needs. We do not run huge classes with half a dozen people doing the same exercise on a row of identical machinery. That defeats the purpose of Pilates.

You start with three introductory classes all by yourself so you learn how each piece of equipment works, and you get used to the first set of exercises. This gives you confidence and also ensures you can safely use theĀ  equipment. Then you can carry on individually, or share your session with another person in duets. This is perfect for example for couples or friends who enjoy exercising together. It is both encouraging, because they keep each other’s spirits high, and initial enthusiasm does not wear off but rather turns into dedication.

So if you are interested in starting Pilates, give our equipment classes a try!