Pilates for Everyone

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Amit Younger on the barrelPilates is for everyone, including but not limited to: women, young and old, fit and not fit at all; people with back pains, shoulder pains, a stiff neck and a frozen shoulder, People recovering from injuries and surgeries; men, men with lots of muscle and little flexibility, men who sit too much at the office, and naturally couples who find exercising together fun and healthy, expecting mothers, and mums with toddlers… and many more.

If any of this sounds like you, come and visit my Pilates classes in English, here in Budapest.

Recently I have had the opportunity to speak briefly about Pilates before the Budapest chapter of the British Women’s Association. As a means pf preparation I discussed a lot of things with my husband about Pilates, what it means for me, what it means for my clients, and how it relates to forms of exercise, such as fitness or yoga sessions.

One important difference that I had to emphasize was that Pilates is not an exercise regime. Pilates is about movement. It is about correcting bad habits, bad movement patterns that we developed over the years.

The other element that came up was that Pilates is for everyone. My husband was adamant that I bring up my clients in Hasting, in London and in Tunbridge wells as examples of how diverse people who do Pilates really can be. So let me bring just three examples here.

Susan, in her mid 40’s, was an adamant long distance runner. In fact, it would be more appropriate to say she had been because her knee could not take the pressure. When she first came to my Pilates class in Hasting, she was in pain, and she had to support herself on the railing on the stairs. But she was keen to improve. Twice a week, , she would come to her Pilates class with no exception. And I still remember the glow in her eyes the first time she climbed up the stairs, pain free, without having to hold onto the railing.

Kim, in his mid 30’s. His colleagues called him the Great Dane because he was 6’8″, about 230 pounds. He worked and travelled a lot, making him sit way too much. As a result, he suffered from chronic back-aches. Then came Pilates in Tunbridge Wells, and his pains were gone in a few months.

I worked with Lucy in Amit Younger’s studio in Clapham Junction in London. Lucy was really young, with a back stiff as a board. And it was aching constantly. Did I turn her into a superflexible athlete? Not at all. But we did manage to ease her up a little, so she could at least bend forward – something she had not been able to do before. And regular Pilates also helped her become pain-free.

Does this sound like someone you know? Bring them along to visit my Pilates classes in English, here in Budapest.

A little note on Pilates for seniors – Pilates has long been known to be a really good form of exercise for elderly people. I used to teach Wendy, 86 in London … but she is a different story.