Pilates for Husbands – 3 Reasons to bring your other half with you

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I’ll keep this really short. When I worked in Hastings, I used to teach couples, then when I moved to teach in London, I used to have couples doing Pilates. Back at home in Tunbridge Wells, I had a couple doing Pilates with me for 5 years. Now, back in Budapest, I have two couples again who regularly visit our Pilates studio here in Budapest District V.


#1 He joins her for Pilates because even though he is a few year older, he needs to keep up in physical fitness, agility and core strength.

#2 He also comes to do Pilates because though he is strong, he is not quite as flexible as he used to be. Therefore controlled stretching and a more balanced strengthening of muscles does him good.

#3 They come to Pilates together, because it is fun. It’s an hour they spend together, knowing they are doing it both for their health as well as the relationship. Pilates in the morning with a late breakfast afterwards, or an hour on the Pilates machines together in the evening, before a light dinner out…

Anyhow, if you think your husband could be a bit fitter, bring him along. If Pilates is good enough for Nascar drivers, that’s probably a good enough reason for him as well to come to Pilates classes with you.